You’ve been here before

It’s a nice hot summer day and you’re cruising down empty rural roads. An unexpected social call has presented a welcome opportunity to leave town and change the scenery. The silent, but cordial landscape lets you breathe easily and enjoy some long overdue time with yourself.

The window’s down and the cool rowdy outside air fills your lungs with cool excitement. There are several more hours of driving ahead, which is enough cause to land a smile on the moist face. As excitement turns to thrill. the thoughts in your head are flowing freely and you feel good about life.

You’re in the flow.

The car’s engine is steadily rumbling as you drive along, occasionally hinting that it’s ready to go to war should you need it. As you’re sailing along the sweeping roads the only companions by your side are the aforementioned motor growl and a rock/metal playlist, which fits the surrounding scene like a glove.

Suddenly, everything changes!

A new song comes up in the playlist It’s one of those bangers that make you want to go ape shit and stomp on the gas pedal like an angry rhino. A momentary doubt flashes through your mind – “It’s dangerous, should I do it? What if something bad happens?

A quick glance at the mirror reveals Steve McQueen and Dennis Hopper glaring at you with ferocity & expectation from the backseat. Instantly, the call of Life floods every cell of your damn body with the energy of a thousand suns.

The Earth stops spinning.

Without further hesitation, you drop the hammer like a maniac and blast off into hyperspace. All useless information about your identity, destination and such is immediately purged from your consciousness. A single thought remains


Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah


  1. “Fire It Up” – Black Label Society;
  2. “You’ve got another thing coming” – Judas Priest;
  3. “Electric Crown” – Testament;
  4. “Rebel in the F.D.G.” – W.A.S.P.;
  5. “Hearts Aflame” – Valley of the Sun;
  6. “Gardenia” – Kyuss;
  7. “Kickstart My Heart” – Mötley Crüe;
  8. “Motor-Ready” – Alabama Thunderpussy;
  9. “Left Hand Free” – alt-J;
  10. “Gasoline” – Audioslave;
  11. “Heavy Metal (Takin’ a Ride)” – Don Felder – a freebie from The Dude 😎☮️🎵🎸

*On a serious note though – don’t drive like an asshole or an idiot. Or an asshole-idiot. Keep yourself and others safe, so you can enjoy the finer things in life, such as morning breath and nacho fingers.




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