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Cool artists you probably didn’t know about? Check. Groovy tunes you can jam to? Check. Leaving stress behind and chilling out? Check-check. Sometimes you need to stop, sit down and RE-LAX. Don’t worry, SageDude has your medicine.

Quarantine Tales: Saturation Of Freedom And Return Of The Fuzz

At this point the process becomes a self-sustaining cycle – our desire to groove resonates into a sensation of liberation, stimulating more groove – The Saturation of Freedom.
SageDude Meditations

SageDude Vibes: The Magic Of Music

Information is the basic unit of the Cosmos. Through our imagination and abstract thinking, we create music, which represents the totality of existence. Music is information and information is Life. So, music is a celebration of life.
Wave of Existence

Album Pick: Farflung – A Wound in Eternity

We are absorbed into the Singularity. Time, space, matter, everything that will ever be, was, has not been and will not be, collapses to a single point of impossible density, before bursting into an explosion of infinite scale. Somewhere in the past, present or future a new Universe is born.
Lost Gipsy Land Festival

SageDude Explorations: The VibeConquistadors of the Lost Bulgarian Gipsy Land

The seemingly innocuous activity of dancing sent us on an introspective expedition to conquer previously uncharted territories. We had to overcome some of our personal insecurities & inhibitions to fully appreciate the occasion and earn our stripes at the underestimated skill of having fun – by becoming the VibeConquistadors of Flow. Instead of communicating through writing or talking, we transmitted thoughts & emotions through the movements of our bodies.

Vibe Report: The Primal Manifestation of my Inner Savage

I have never felt so alive before. My whole being resonated with purpose – the purpose of being alive. I felt connected and a part of everything as never before.
Naxatras Logo

Artist Feature: Naxatras – The Cosmic Waves the Olympians Surf

The otherworldly melodies instantly transport the listener to a different headspace, full of the mysteries of the Universe, fantastical galactic beings and above all – a permeating sense of calm.
Ride Easy

10 songs that urge you to drive at 420 km/h*

You feel the call of life with every cell in you damn body. Without further hesitation, you drop the hammer and blast off into hyperspace. You feel powerful, liberated and most importantly – ALIVE

10 songs that will carry you to Nirvana on a hot summer day

As music starts playing, you feel your body effortlessly floating amongst the clouds and sun. Peace and serenity are your only companions. A tiny smile rests on your face.
Music is a way of living

Album & Artist Feature: An Introduction

Music (and art in general) is a universal language we perceive through our senses and use to express the thoughts and feelings for which words fall short.