Quarantine Tales: Saturation Of Freedom And Return Of The Fuzz

At this point the process becomes a self-sustaining cycle – our desire to groove resonates into a sensation of liberation, stimulating more groove – The Saturation of Freedom.
SageDude Meditations

SageDude Vibes: The Magic Of Music

Information is the basic unit of the Cosmos. Through our imagination and abstract thinking, we create music, which represents the totality of existence. Music is information and information is Life. So, music is a celebration of life.
Lost Gipsy Land Festival

SageDude Explorations: The VibeConquistadors of the Lost Bulgarian Gipsy Land

The seemingly innocuous activity of dancing sent us on an introspective expedition to conquer previously uncharted territories. We had to overcome some of our personal insecurities & inhibitions to fully appreciate the occasion and earn our stripes at the underestimated skill of having fun – by becoming the VibeConquistadors of Flow. Instead of communicating through writing or talking, we transmitted thoughts & emotions through the movements of our bodies.

Vibe Report: The Primal Manifestation of my Inner Savage

I have never felt so alive before. My whole being resonated with purpose – the purpose of being alive. I felt connected and a part of everything as never before.