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The survival of the mind has never been under greater threat in our passive and disassociated society, which drives Thoughtcriminal deep into numerous rabbit holes striving to find and understand what only be experienced.

Moidern Society

Confessions of a Thoughtcriminal (Part I)

I had arrived. All my previous experiences, struggles, hopes and dreams had been grinded down and mixed to produce this exact moment in time.

Confessions of a Thoughtcriminal (Part II)

While historically political & social power depended heavily on military strength and forced oppression, in the 21st century they hinge on intellectual assassination. of the individual

The Process

What if I’m wrong about everything? What if the boundaries that I’ve used to determine myself are not real, but imaginary?
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The Thoughtcriminal Manifesto

As long as we avoid action, we are like a stem cell – we have the potential to be everythingt, but if we don’t choose we become nothing.

Confessions of a Thoughtcriminal Part III: Locomotion of Stagnation

Ultimately, this leads to enlightenment – transcendence of suffering and the realization that we are the Universe experiencing itself in its all grandeur and terror.

Criminal Feature: Alan Watts and Going Out of Your Mind

The most important message gifted by our spiritual entertainer is this: The situation of life is optimal and intelligence and love are symptomatic of the Universe as a fundamental principle.


He saw a divine beast with infinite heads spitting out an inextinguishable fire the set all the stars, planets, and space ablaze and reduced the Universe to ashen dust.