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The Thoughtcriminal Manifesto

As long as we avoid action, we are like a stem cell – we have the potential to be everythingt, but if we don’t choose we become nothing.

Confessions of a Thoughtcriminal (Part II)

While historically political & social power depended heavily on military strength and forced oppression, in the 21st century they hinge on intellectual assassination. of the individual
Moidern Society

Confessions of a Thoughtcriminal (Part I)

I had arrived. All my previous experiences, struggles, hopes and dreams had been grinded down and mixed to produce this exact moment in time.

Confessions of a Thoughtcriminal Part III: Locomotion of Stagnation

Ultimately, this leads to enlightenment – transcendence of suffering and the realization that we are the Universe experiencing itself in its all grandeur and terror.