Yes, it’s been more than two weeks since I reared my head.

Actually, it’s bee than a few months. And yet similar to a bad habit, I always manage to sprout back eventually. After two years of evasion maneuvers, I’ve finally caught the COVID bug, giving me ample time to inspect every corner of the innumerable chambers within my vast personal estate. The result? – reestablishing a connection with the Aether, a sort of waking up after months of mental slumber. If you’re reading this, I guess that you’re familiar to an extent with my situation – I feel particular dislike for my current job, causing daily life to be kind of draggy, whilst I’m clueless regarding solutions. I can’t seem to find a particular interest or path to follow and feel as bland as the new Dune movie adaptation (yikes!). This still holds true.


There is something that I, that all of us, love – merriment, that is to say, having fun, seizing the moment, going supersaiyan, or in millennial terms – STRAIGHT UP VIBIN’, BABY!!! XOXOXO 🤑🤑🤑💯💯💯 (🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦). Whether it’s going on a vacation, a bar/wedding/concert or simply hanging out with a group of mates, the pleasantness of the experience is directly proportional to the underpinning atmosphere or vibe of the ordeal. Naturally, the question follows – what is a vibe? Is it a necessary precursor to a good time or a side-effect of underlying factors? More importantly, how do we get dem apeshit crazy vibezzz, man?

The honest answer is that I simply don’t know. Perhaps shockingly, I don’t bear special consideration to my inner sense of well-being, but rather expect it to auto-resolve itself. After all, if you don’t have to worry about basic survival, are healthy and stable personal relationships, you should be all set on the path of happiness, right? Well, no, the human experience is not like and RPG, where ticking all the boxes for your character and their quests turns them into an indomitable force. Call it Maya, confusion or sheer stupidity, but for whatever reason many of us have cultivated a greedy ego that can’t be satisfied with such basic amenities, instead preferring to be a giant thorn in the ass.

Fittingly, my mood (personal vibe) swings along with random events of daily life. So far, I haven’t managed to vanquish the widespread disease of constant self-doubt/impostor syndrome, combined with worrying about meaningless/insignificant shit on a daily basis. On the other hand, when my mojo is up and the inner fire burns, I am a groove machine and can go the distance with the best of them. I’ve never thought to explore how/why this happens, but have rather brushed it off as case of “When you’re happy, you’re happy and when you’re not…you’re not.” Which is pretty stupid, since it implies that happiness is an access-restricted state to be achieve, bestowed or randomly stumbled upon.[1]

Live On The Mic: The Saturation Of Freedom

More or less I’ve always subscribed to this approach, for various reasons, one of the being the lack of a seemingly suitable alternative. Until I stumbled one accidently (as with all great discoveries) this summer – the law (or theory) of Saturation of Freedom. Since I’m not the original author and I only learnt about it through a retelling, I can only give you an inaccurate dollar store version of the theory, with a strong mix of my personal thoughts.

The main idea is that a vibe is not something that occurs randomly, but is a direct result of our subconscious and conscious actions. Through a certain momentary disposition – being relaxed, calm, with a mind emptied of unnecessary thoughts, we become much more perceptive of our surroundings. Within this state of mind, we are able to fully experience all the things that bring us joy – relationships, music, books, visual art, physical activity or something else. As we get more loose, the internal tension from our personal issues is abolished and we’re gifted with personal space for novel thoughts and feelings – freedom. At this point the process becomes a self-sustaining cycle – our desire to groove resonates into a sensation of liberation, stimulating more groove – The Saturation of Freedom.

Wow, that’s some super-insightful stuff that I’ve never-ever heard before, thanks a lot, Captain Obvious! So how do we get there? Keep an open mind and don’t take things so seriously. Simple advice that we’ve heard a trillion times, yet it seems that is all there is too it – deceptively easy to try, yet difficult to master. While all of this may seem like some generic new age version of the Live. Love. Laugh inspirational-wallpaper social media bullshit, there’s sufficient empirical evidence in support of the hypothesis[2].

As we grow older and “mature”, we tend to close ourselves to the world and clutch to our personal thoughts and feelings. While its normal to have an internal representation of reality, spending too much time there can lead to isolation, bitterness and general unhappiness. The Saturation of Freedom offers the opposite side of the medal – liberation and summoning our best qualities to the fore. When a person reaches the point of Saturation of freedom, they unlock the flow state and the world seems to align just right in every way. Change takes hold and transforms all aspects of their character and behavior.

We’re all finely tuned to recognize this state and a single person is sufficient to transfer it to whole crowd almost instantly. This continues to happen until all present are wholly consumed and the VIBE OMEGA POINT is reached. It’s what concerts, parties and social interactions are made of. When we see a person dancing without any reservations and having fun, our instinctive reaction is to join and share the moment, because we recognize it as a celebration of life. Ultimately, the Saturation of Freedom is our nature – to deny it is to deny our humanity.

So, to help sprinkle some vibes around, I’m gonna share some thoughts on my fav album of the year (so far) by a truly awesome band.


Down To Business


If your exposure to stoner rock exceeds listening to a random song or opening a video by mistake, I doubt that you’ll be surprised by my choice. This album has been reviewed and praised so many times since it came out, that it feels like it’s been around forever. Let me tell you something, my friend, all that praise, all those raving reviews, the link spamming is nothing but a classic example of words falling flat. Spearheaded by an amazing album cover[3], “The Burden of Restlessness” is an absolute bombshell, the musical equivalent of throwing a brick at an overpriced boutique’s showcase or a slam-dunk. I like to use analogies, but sometimes they’re empty calories thrown in to cheat the longing of a knowledge-thirsty mind, that fears the unknown, as much as a recently established usurper fears the survival of some 9-year old bastard in the remote reaches of their kingdom. So let’s throw in some power-adjectives for good measure:

  • “Riveting”;
  • “Hypnotic”;
  • “Vigorous”;
  • “Tribal as fuck”.

The biggest compliment I can give to this album, or to any other piece of art for that matter, is that it doesn’t leave you indifferent. Regardless of whether you’ve spent your day wrestling with lifeless Excel sheets or driving on abandoned rural backroads with unchanging scenery, “The Burden of Restlessness” will make the hairs on your neck to stand up and take notice.

Part of the appeal of art stems from its diversity and expression of ideas that we identify with or gravitate towards. For example, classical music is a testament to the development of human civilization and probably one of the best instances of identifying the mysterious force that we like to label “the human spirit”. It is magnificent, effervescent and grandiose, yet simultaneously gentle and brimming with high emotion. A consensus benchmark of brilliance (at least in the Western part of the globe), classical music conveys elegance, organizational complexity and reason – similar to a painter applying soft, selective motions to create a masterpiece.

What King Buffalo offer on the other hand is a chance to go hunting with a spear and fight for your fucking life. Introductory chords combined with vocals lure the listener, while the dynamic, advancing tribal sound induces a state of prehistoric trance. Pressure then continues to build up to a point where it would crush a submarine, followed by the glorious release of monstrous, powerful guitars that unchain the beast within. Each song more or less follows this structure, but conjures a different sensation or feeling. For example, the track “Burning” provokes a feeling of a ritualistic sacrifice on top of a volcano or being carchased through some Mad Max-esque dystopian landscape, while “Silverfish” is what you probably experience if you drive a tank over the car of the boss you despise.

Another thing about the album (and the band’s music in general) that makes a great impression on me is that the music is at fore, i.e. it doesn’t compete with the vocals. The frontman is a guide that brings you on the ride and sells you the ticket, but the main attraction is the composition itself. For me, it’s the right aesthetic choice, because it contributes to the primal nature of the album’s sound and the personal nature of the whole experience, which never fails to transport you to a place, where time and space don’t really matter.

So, yeah, basically, if by some miracle you haven’t heard it already and like to blast yourself with juicy riffs and/or meaty spliffs – time to bring the house down!

But wait, it gets even better! King Buffalo are taking the Covid productivity mantra to the extreme and promised to release TWO more albums by the end of the YEAR, though due to delays the third piece will actually appear in early 2022. However, that still leaves one more upcoming title by the end of the year! “Archeron” is the band’s fifth full-length feature and will be released on December 3rd (preorders available here). It contains four tracks, but besides that there really isn’t anything interesting about it…except that it was recorded in a cave. THE ALBUM WAS RECORDED IN A CAVE, MOTHERFUCKER! Captured inside the Howe Caverns New York the album will also be accompanied by a film of the same name detailing the production process. Given that the “The Burden of Restlessness” is already considered to be a frontrunner for album of the year, the excitement is palpable and I’m really looking forward to the release of “Archeron”.

Formed in 2013, King Buffalo are a trio from Rochester, USA that propagate heavy psychedelic rock, filled with hypnotic melodies. Each of their albums has a distinct sound and theme, built on top of common foundations, such as cosmic instrumentals, enchanting vocals and epic riffs. Many of their songs invoke an introspective auditory journey, (e.g. “Repeater” is a personal favourite) making it unlikely to catch them on the radio any time soon. To date, the band remains relatively under the radar, yet these guys are a gift that just keeps on giving. With five major releases under their belts and a further two on the way, King Buffalo are the razor’s edge right now, continuously engaged in crafting excellence to the benefit of all psychedelic aficionados out there!

December 3rd 2021 – BRING IT!

But There’s More…


Sometimes mindlessly browsing online can actually produce beneficial results, as it led me to discover another kick-ass album – “The Old Colossus” by Redscale. A heavy/stoner rock quartet hailing from Berlin, Germany, Redscale is yet another band on the rise, picking straight up from the beefy Feed Them To The Lions (2019) s, to produce an even thicker and well-rounded sound.

The Old Colossus” is absolutely drenched in fuzz top to bottom, packing grit, raspy vocals and a heavy “Red Dead Redemption” vibe. One spin and you’ll be stuck shouting “Stone by stoneeee…” (from the track “On The Run”) in the shower for a good week, probably more! It’s a superb choice for listening on the road or whilst riding a bike, running, walking the crocodile or whatever perversions you like to indulge in. I’m considering entering a ultra-triathlon competition next year and this one is going straight into my “RAMP IT UP TO 10000%” playlist for squeezing those last 5% of ultimate effort from our meat bags.

Plus, the album cover is so-fucking NOICE!

Peace Out!

  1. Arguments in support/opposition of this point aplenty, however, the idea of this blog is not to force or validate my personal beliefs as an objective expression of a universal truth. My aim is to use it as a vehicle to form long-distance relationships, despite the fact that 99% of current readers currently live within a 10 km radius off each other!

  2. i.e. spending countless days and nights bashing heads against the wall trying to find an alternative solution;

  3. Courtesy of Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński;

    Artist credit for featured image: “Arabian Wanderer” by Jesse Stone.


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